Whitewater Realty Advisors LLC provides real property valuation, counseling, and advisory services. We believe the most valuable services that we can provide to our clients are honesty, relevant information, and appropriate analyses so lacking in today’s fast pace and sometimes volatile markets. Appropriately, the foregoing allows for a more complete understanding of a property’s posture in a respective market and represents the “value- added” concept necessary in today’s complicated real estate arena. Our experience and processes in “connect the dots” allows us the ability to filter an abundance of information into useful analytics that assists in providing meaningful conclusions and insights that are key in today’s complex real estate world. Similarly, Whitewater Realty Advisor’s independence allows for unbiased interpretations and opinions.

Our valuation practice provides impartial analyses and conclusions. We assist in providing information and answers to complex real estate valuation, litigation, and market related issues. Whitewater Realty Advisors sets high standards for the services rendered due to the many years of experience gained in providing valuation and advisory related real estate services. A “been-there-done-that” philosophy many times applies. We service a wide variety of clients from financial institutions; pension fund sponsors and advisors to funds; to major developers and the legal profession in the valuation arena.

Our counseling and advisory practice is multi-faceted. In this practice we assist clients in either a proposed or existing project to achieve the desired results, or provide pertinent data and insight to make a knowledgeable business decision regarding a real estate development or property. Through a structured process, where the roles are defined, we assist a client in addressing specific elements of a particular project, which allows management to move onto other existing or pending projects in the interim. Here we provide specific integrated services to the client’s needs. The likelihood of achieving the desired results in a fast-paced global market requires time saving experience obtained over years of practice.

Serving the International Community is an important element in today’s real estate economics. As a member of IRV – International Realty Valuation, we have partnered with similar firms from around the world like Whitewater Realty Advisors. Whitewater Realty Advisors continue to serve our US based and international clients having properties in Central America and the Caribbean Basin. We service these Latin American markets from our Miami office, recognizing Miami’s strategic position as a gateway to the US markets from Latin America. In keeping we continue to forge relationships with local resources in those regions to better serve clients, and to assist in creating greater transparency in the valuation and the real estate advisory services.